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The case for alternatives in these testing times

Investing in the current market is quite tricky. The Australian stock market is at an all-time high, the US stock market is at an all-time high, and this is a common theme among most developed countries around the world. To make matters harder, if we take money out of the stock market and put it

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Using the law of least effort to achieve financial goals

As humans we can be inherently lazy – we want the best possible outcome with the least amount of effort and, in our modern society, we have many ways to achieve this. If you want food, you can get a meal delivered to your door – no shopping, cooking or cleaning necessary. If you want

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Changes coming to Income Protection 1 October 2021

Income Protection policies as we know it are changing come 1 October 2021. Now before you switch off and say “boring, no one cares” bear with me because Income Protection is, for many people, an important aspect of their financial plan. Your income is the best wealth creation tool you have, so it makes sense

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Financial planning for the self-employed

I am a massive advocate of the people who take the leap to becoming self-employed, and kick off their own business. After running a business myself, for a number of years now, I understand the risks and struggles involved with giving up the security of regular pay cheque and opting to build something on your

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2021 Federal Budget Summary

This week the government handed down their Federal Budget and it was the cash spend that we were all expecting, with money going to job training, health funding, childcare, aged care, infrastructure and a number of other areas. The big cash splurge is largely due to the recovery we are still going through from COVID-19

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What is the best superannuation fund?

I get this question all the time “Brad, what is the best super fund?” and it is a very difficult question to answer because it’s like asking “what is the best car?”. Do you want a fast car, do you want a reliable car, do you want a petrol car, do you want an electric

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Investing for children in Australia

It is in a parent’s nature to want to do all they can to help their children succeed in life. Part of this desire, is to help them succeed financially and this leads a lot of parents to wonder – how can I invest on behalf of my children? There are lots of ways you

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