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Modern slavery – building wealth to break the cycle

Slavery is an unfortunate part of our history, dating back to the first civilization of Sumer in Mesopotamia, 6800 BC. People were enslaved for numerous reasons including debt, birth into a slave family, child abandonment, war, or as a punishment for crime. The life of a slave was, as you can imagine, a tough one.

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5 strategies to deal with the increasing cost of living

There’s no doubt about it, life is getting expensive! Inflation in Australia is currently running at 6.1% which has seen the cost of everyday items increase substantially. Anyone that has bought an $11.99 iceberg lettuce[1] recently can attest to this. Also, if you’re a homeowner with a mortgage, the pinch is even harder. Since April,

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Investment bonds explained

Investment bonds can be a handy tool to keep in your toolbox when it comes to building and managing your wealth, offering some pretty unique benefits from a tax, asset protection and estate planning perspective.

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Investing – is the worst yet to come?

This year so far has proved a tough year for investors. Since December, the Australian All Ordinaries index is down around 11%, the US500 is down around 18%, the NASDAQ is down a whopping 33% and this is the same story across most stock indices around the world. If your portfolio is more defensive in

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Final superannuation contributions to save tax 2022

Every year I post a blog about last minute superannuation contributions and there’s a reason for that – it can be a great strategy to build your wealth! For most people, it’s a way to save tax, giving you a tax deduction for investing money for yourself. Think about that for a minute – what

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How to rollover your super – the right way!

On the surface, rolling over your super fund seems easy. You just send off a rollover form or do it via MyGov and bada bing, bada boom – you’re done! But unfortunately, there is a bit more to it than that. You see, there can be implications, serious implications, of rolling over your fund. Worst

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