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Should you have a self-managed super fund (SMSF)?

There are many different ways to manage your superannuation. Some methods are very simple, with a very low cost but not a whole lot of flexibility, while others give you all the flexibility you could hope for but come with added complexity.  Today we are talking complexity. We are talking self-managed super funds (SMSFs) which

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The first million is the hardest

Building wealth is not a linear function, it’s exponential. It starts off slow then, provided you don’t go astray, should accelerate quicker and quicker as time goes on with a few bumps along the way. Let me explain how this works. To get your first million dollars you are primarily relying on your personal exertion.

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Legitimate ways to get rich QUICK

So as a Financial Adviser I never thought I would be putting out information about how to get rich quick because….it’s not what I do. Ordinarily, if you come to me for advice I am going to give you a plan which incorporates tried and tested, risk adjusted strategies which have been proven to make

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Income is not a measure of wealth

There is a common misconception that goes around and that is, if you earn a lot of money then you are wealthy. And it is easy to understand why this train of thought exists because income is THE BEST tool we have for wealth creation. However, income itself is not what makes us wealthy, it

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How to hustle your bank for a better mortgage interest rate

It’s sad, but there really is no customer loyalty in the banking system. Chances are, if you have had your mortgage with the same lender for a few years, you probably aren’t getting their best rate. Banks typically won’t offer you their most competitive rate, you have to fight for it. But, in order to

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Something Dave Ramsey said resonated with me…

I spend a lot of time reading finance literature, listening to podcasts, and watching YouTube videos and every now and then I come across a little nugget of gold. A piece of information, or a perspective, that stops and makes me think – wow, that makes a whole lot of sense! Good old Dave gave

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