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Do you need a credit score in Australia?

When I was 22 I had just started worked full time and I made potentially one of the worse financial decisions of my life. I spent $30,000 on a car which, back then, was a lot of money – almost a full year’s income! The car was a Subaru Impreza WRX STi and I loved

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Making a will.

Most people don’t like to talk about their mortality and, as a result, most people ignore their estate planning needs. But this is a very important subject and, if you are over the age of 18, you really need to start on your estate plan. Put simply, an estate plan is your instructions as to

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Is buying a house still relevant?

There is a bit of a renter’s culture developing here in Australia. A group of people that can afford to buy a house but instead choose to rent and their argument for doing this is a fairly valid one – they believe they can build their net asset position faster by investing surplus cash flow

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My non-retirement plan

As a financial adviser I spend a lot of time speaking with clients about their retirement plans – when they want to retire, how much they want to live on in retirement, what capital base they need to meet their goals, etc. But there is an aspect of retirement that is almost more important than

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Extension of JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments

This week the government has announced extensions to both the JobKeeper and the JobSeeker payments and this really comes as no surprise. The economy is still heavily reliant on these support measures to keep it propped up. However, both the JobKeeker and the JobSeeker payments are being wound back. Not only are the payment amounts

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Working from home during COVID-19 | Tax deductions

If you have a sedentary job then there is a very good chance that you spent part of 2020 working from home. I know I certainly did. The upside of this is that you may be eligible for a few additional tax deductions this year – winning! You see, as a general rule of thumb,

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Intermediate guide to bond investing

This is a follow on from my ‘Beginner’s guide to bond investing’ so if you are new to bonds, and don’t really understand what a bond is or how they work, then I would suggest reading that blog first. In that blog you will learn important terms about bonds including coupon rate, par value, secondary

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A beginner’s guide to BOND INVESTING.

Bonds can be a valuable asset in the defensive part of portfolios as they are a great tool to get a little bit of extra income without taking on a whole heap of additional risk – provided you pick the right bonds of course! Trying to explain every aspect of bond investing in a single

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