Guided Investor


Using a collective of expertise, we build, monitor and manage portfolios that last the test of time using the Core + Satellite approach to investing. 

Building portfolios to suit your stage of life

Before investing any money you need to consider your investment timeframe and risk tolerance. This will determine the volatility and potential return in your portfolio.

We work with clients to come up with the right mix of growth and defensive assets to create a portfolio mix that suits their needs at a risk level they are comfortable with.  


You don’t need to be an expert investor to understand that diversification is important. 

In our portfolios we diversify everything from asset classes to investment structures and styles. This helps your portfolio to perform well in different market conditions.  

Investment committee

Our portfolios are developed off the back of an experienced investment committee. This committee leverages different ideas, expertise and experiences to create robust portfolios which stand the test of time. 

ready to go?

If you want to learn how we can help build and manage a portfolio to suit your needs, feel free to get in touch!