Guided Investor

A one-hour Zoom pow-wow with a pro to target your specific questions.

What is ASK an Adviser

Ask an Adviser has been designed for those people who have questions they want answered, but don’t need a comprehensive financial plan. It’s a one-hour tutoring session for your finances.

At only $195, Ask an Adviser was designed to be a cost-effective solution for those who need a little guidance.


Ready to go? Just click below, detail the question(s) you want answered, and you’re all set for your one-hour consultation!

STEP 1: Questionnaire
Detail your question by completing our online questionnaire.
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STEP 2: Online Consultation
Your consultation is a one-hour chat via Zoom. We will discuss your query and provide you with answers.
STEP 3: Reference Material
If there is any reference material that you need for further understanding, we will email this to you post the meeting.
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The process

Ask an Adviser is a three step process:

  1. Complete our online questionnaire, detailing the question(s) you want answered.
  2. Book in your one-hour consultation to chat with a licensed Financial Adviser.  This is an online video consultation hosted via Zoom. The cost of the meeting is $195 inc. GST and will be payable upon booking.
  3. Post the meeting, your adviser may email you reference material where appropriate. 
And you’re done! Simple, easy and affordable.

Who is Suited

Ask an Adviser is a service tailored to those individuals who have a few questions they want answered. This may include the following…

This service is essentially a one-on-one tutoring session to empower you to make sound financial decisions. 

Who is Not Suited

Ask an Adviser is not for everyone…

If you are looking for personalised, comprehensive advice which takes into consideration your full financial position, check out our Tailored Advice offering. 

Does Location Matter?

No, we work with remotely clients across Australia through the use of integrated technology.

General advice only

The advice you will receive is general in nature only. This means:

What about cost?

The cost for your one-hour consultation is $195including GST. This fee is payable upon booking in your meeting.

Please have your id ready

We ask that you have a copy of your ID ready to view for verification purposes.

ready to go?

If you think Ask an Adviser is right for you and you’re ready to take that next step, click below to get started.

Still have Questions?

Finding the right person to help with your finances is a big decision. If you do have any questions fill in the form below and we will get back to you shortly.