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Tailored Advice

A comprehensive financial plan, tailored to your needs.

What is Tailored Advice

Tailored Advice is a comprehensive financial plan that is tailored to suit your individual needs. It is your road map to get you from where you are today, to where you want to be financially.

When developing Tailored Advice, strategy comes first. There are many methods to build wealth and the strategy that best suits you needs to take into account your full financial situation. Once the strategy has been optimised, it is then about using the right investments and platforms to implement the strategy. 


Getting started is easy. Simply click below to complete some preliminary information and book in your FREE one hour Initial Consultation. 

STEP 1: Preliminary Information
Get the conversation started by completing our online form. From there you will be able to book in a time for your complimentary one hour Initial Consultation.
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STEP 2: Initial Consult
Your Initial Consultation is a one hour chat via zoom or phone. We will discuss your personal situation, goals and objectives.
STEP 3: Quote for Advice
Once we have an understanding of your situation and what it is you are trying to achieve, we will provide your with a written quote to put together your Financial Plan.
STEP 4: Information Gathering
We gather all the relevant information about you and your financial position and collate this into a Fact Find. Quality input leads to quality output.
STEP 5: Advice Delivery
Your advice is delivered via a Statement of Advice. This is your financial roadmap to achieve your goals and objectives. Your plan will be presented to you either in person or via zoom.
STEP 6: Ongoing
Armed with your Financial Plan, you can choose to implement the recommendations yourself or, in some instances, you may take us on as your ongoing adviser for continuing strategic and investment management.
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Areas of Advice


Build investments to generate passive income so work becomes a choice and not an obligation.

Eliminate Debt
Destroy Debt

Modern slaves aren't in chains, they are in debt. Destroy your debt to free up cash flow and start building wealth.

Money Mindset
Money Mindset

There is a huge emotional and habitual aspect to money and by incorporating that into your financial plan, you're much more likely to succeed.

Cash Flow
Cash Flow

Understanding your cash flow is understanding where your money is currently going and making adjustments accordingly.

Life Insurance & Income Protection
Life Insurance

Life throws some curve balls so if you have debts and dependants then you need to protect yourself financially.


Super is a great retirement system that unfortunately isn't very well understood. Take control of your super and maximise it's potential.

Business Owners
Small Business Owners

Small business owners tend to put all their time, effort and money into their business. Build a plan that also grows your personal assets in congruity with your business.

Retirement Planning
Retirement Planning

Retire on your own terms with enough passive income from investments to replace your earned income.

Tax Planning
Tax Planning

Tax is a necessary evil but with the right tax planning you can reduce your tax liability and use the money to build your own wealth.

Property Investing

Property is a great asset class that has many unique characteristics. At a minimum you should own the roof over your head.

Ethical Investing

Ethical investing is about avoiding socially and environmentally irresponsible companies and focusing on good.

Estate Planning
Estate Planning

Don't leave your loved ones with a financial burden on their hands. Put in place a sound estate plan for when you're gone.

The process

Getting Tailored Financial Advice is a five step process:

  1. Complete our online questionnaire to tell us more about yourself and your financial situation.
  2. Book in your complimentary Initial Consultation where will discuss your situation and our advice offering.
  3. Post our meeting, we will provide you a written Quote for Advice which will outline the scope of advice and a fixed cost to develop your Financial Plan.
  4. If you would like to proceed with formal advice, we will gather any remaining information relevant to your financial situation.
  5. Once the advice is ready, we will present it to you. This is your financial roadmap.

Financial Modelling

We have tools to model your financial position. This allows us to compare different strategies to understand the impact they may on your cash flow and net asset position over time.

By modelling your situation we can put together a Financial Plan which is projected to best achieve your financial goals and quantify the impact of our advice.  

Who is Suited

If you need a hand deciding whether or not Tailored Financial Advice is suitable for you then consider the following…

Who is Not Suited

Tailored Financial Advice is not for everyone…

For more general advice on investing, check out the free resources at MoneySmart.

Does Location Matter?

No, we work with clients across Australia remotely through the use of integrated technology.

Do you offer ongoing advice?

Yes, where appropriate we may offer ongoing advice.

Under this arrangement we will assist you to update your Financial Plan as and when your situation changes. We will also assist you to manage your investments inline with our Investment Philosophy

What about cost?

We operate on a fee for service basis.

The upfront cost to prepare and present a formal advice strategy, tailored to your needs, starts at $1,650 inclusive of GST. It may increase from there due to complexity and scope of the advice. 

ready to go?

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