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We specialise in helping Australians achieve financial independence. Only then can you truly live life on your own terms.

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Everyone knows they could be doing more to improve their financial position but due to either lack of knowledge or procrastination, nothing changes. Years go by, money comes and goes, but you still find yourself trapped in your 9 to 5 as you can’t afford to leave.

As a qualified Financial Planner, we help people break the cycle by educating them on how to build and protect wealth. Our primary focus is on helping clients achieve financial independence so they can unlock all of life’s possibilities. We do this through our three service offerings; TAILORED ADVICE, ASK AN ADVISER and the 4 PHASES OF WEALTH.

Advice your way

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Take your finances to the next level with a comprehensive financial plan, tailored to your individual needs. We build out your full financial road map for you.

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Have a few questions you want answered but don’t need a comprehensive financial plan? Ask an Adviser is a one hour zoom meeting to answer your specific questions. 

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4 Phases of Wealth

Financial education at its finest. The 4 Phases of Wealth will teach you how to build your own financial plan with our educational video series.


areas of advice

Building a financial plan is a bit like baking a cake; you need all the right ingredients mixed in the right order. Your financial plan needs to be tailored to your own needs with the right ingredients. 


Our free financial calculators are handy tools to use on your journey to financial independence.

Savings Calculator

Calculate your savings trajectory based on your starting balance, regular contributions and interest rate.

Loan Repayment Calculator

Calculate your minimum repayment and the benefit of your additional repayments.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Calculate the stamp duty payable on your property purchase.


Immerse yourself in wealth creation strategies specifically designed to help Australian’s achieve financial independence. 

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Family trust Estate Planning
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Portfolio methodolody

Using a collective of expertise, we build, monitor and manage portfolios that last the test of time using the Core + Satellite approach to investing. 

The asset allocation is tailored to your investment timeframe and risk tolerance to give you a portfolio outcome that you are comfortable with. 

Investment Advice
Income Protection
Provides a monthly benefit if you are unable to work due to an accident, illness or injury.
Life Cover
Pays a lump sum benefit if the life insured were to pass away.
TPD Cover
Pays a lump sum benefit if the life insured were to become totally and permanently disabled is unable to ever work again.
Trauma Cover
Pays a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of a specified medical condition.
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Risk Mitigation

Protecting your financial position in the event of injury, illness, disablement or death is a crucial consideration in any robust financial plan. This is where Life, TPD, Trauma and Income Protection may come into play.

We complete a detailed needs analysis to determine the cover required, quote the market to find the most competitive policy and have it structured tax effectively.

Brad Buters Financial Planner Perth

meet brad

Hi I’m Brad, founder of the Guided Investor. I started in the financial advice industry in 2007, with a passion for helping Australian’s achieve financial independence.

Guided Investor isn’t your typical financial planning practice. We take pride in the education and resources we offer all Australian’s to empower them on their journey to financial independence. 

Brad Buters Financial Planner Perth

Brad Buters

Managing Director | Financial Adviser

Hi I’m Brad, founder of the Guided Investor. I started in the financial advice industry in 2007, with a passion for helping Australian’s achieve financial independence.

Guided Investor isn’t your typical financial planning practice. We take pride in the education and resources we offer all Australian’s to empower them on their journey to financial independence. 

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Eoin Cuinn
Eoin Cuinn
8 December 2023
Working with Brad from Guided Investor has been an absolute pleasure. Coming from a reasonable knowledge base on the FP process, I felt listened to and respected across every step of the journey, with the end outcomes reflecting everything that was asked for and more. I would recommend Brad to anyone who is after some solid Financial Planning and Advise, regardless of what part of the journey they are on.
Debra Meyer
Debra Meyer
6 August 2023
Highly recommend Brad, he is really easy to talk to and makes sure you understand everything along the way. I have so much more hope and a plan for retirement after all the advice.
Tarek Abdullah
Tarek Abdullah
11 April 2023
I'd been trying to get the cover insurances for me for some time but wasn't sure how to or even where to start. With the comprehensive assistance from Guided Investors, it became not just possible but also easy. Excellent service. Good experience. Highly recommended.
Alex Z.
Alex Z.
23 March 2023
First I came across Brad after having watched some of his finance/investments related videos on his YouTube channel. I liked his grounded and rational way of financial content delivery, which was not trying to upsell you on anything. Brad's opinions on having the right stock market investment mindset resonated with me (i.e.: importance of portfolio diversification, asset allocation/location, fees, long-term horizon, superannuation, etc.) Thus, when my father decided to plan for retirement, I decided to seek a professional financial advice from Brad with regards to my father's retirement plans. When dealing with Brad, I found him to be super friendly, extremely professional and knowledgable around the areas where I needed help. The received professional advice was thorough and detailed, and Brad was very responsive and addressed all the questions I had regarding the investment choices for my father's superannuation, transition to an age-based pension and moving to a tax-efficient setup in the context of superannuation. Also, what's most important, Brad's professional advice was grounded, honest and transparent, while taking into account my father's financial situation and risk profile. I do recommend to reach out to Brad for a professional financial advice.
Louis du Plessis
Louis du Plessis
16 December 2022
Brad has helped us enormously with our retirement plans. Friendly, well researched, expert advice, delivered in a way that we could easily understand. Would readily recommend him to anyone requiring sound financial advice. Louis and Julia du Plessis
Andy Stephens
Andy Stephens
3 September 2022
Super professional performance by Brad Buters. Clearly expert in his field.
Patrick Turnbull
Patrick Turnbull
16 September 2021
Brad has helped my partner and I over the last 18 months- first with a detailed financial plan to save to buy our first home and then to budget and put a savings plan in place for the upcoming arrival of our first baby. He has been responsive, friendly, knowledgable and approachable. Highly recommend engaging Brad for any financial needs
Jarrod Wilson
Jarrod Wilson
18 January 2021
Brad has gone above and beyond to help my family and I with all of our financial needs. He is always available when needed and is happy to answer our questions. We would happily recommend him to our friends and family.
Mark Baartse
Mark Baartse
4 January 2021
Brad did a plan for me. He understood my needs and my position. He was patient in answering my questions. His plan will shave a good chunk of time off my financial plans. Yay!
Ellie Lawrence
Ellie Lawrence
1 October 2020
Thank you Brad Buters for your excellent work ! The friendly, super responsive and knowledgeable service I have had from you and Guided Investor has been incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend this company for providing peace of mind and an excellent quality of service.

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