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Socially responsible investing, considering the environmental, social and ethical considerations of our investments.



You can invest ethically through your super and outside

Provided you have the right structure, you can invest ethically both through superannuation and outside super. We find that many of our clients appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing their super funds are contributing to the good in the world while still producing a competitive return.

Investing in positive and sustainable sectors

Ethical investing is about avoiding harmful sectors such as weapons, coal, oil, tobacco, gambling and seeking out those sectors which contribute to the world in a positive way such as clean energy, health care, aged care, education and sustainable technology. This is done through a combination of ESG screening and impact investing.

ESG screening is the process of assessing an investment based on environmental, social and governance criteria. Any investment which does not meet this criteria, is not included in your investments. 

Impact investing actively seeks out those investments which provide a beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.  

Tailored Financial Plan

Incorporate ESG investment advice as part of your overall financial plan by checking our our Tailored Advice offering. 

Environment ESG

Environment (E)

Social ESG

Social (S)

Governance ESG

Governance (G)

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