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A FREE spreadsheet that helps you track your wealth by considering the four key elements; income, expenses, assets and liabilities. 

How it works

The Wealth Tracker is not your typical budgeting spreadsheet. Not only does it allow you to create a budget, and track your actual expenditure to ensure you are meeting your target, but it goes way beyond this. It allows you to also track your income, net cash flow and, most importantly, net assets.

By managing your budget you will create surplus cash flow which can be used to improve your net asset position.  

Net assets are your true measure of wealth!

By improving your net asset position you are creating more investable assets which can be used to generate passive income. Eventually you want to be in a position where the passive income created by your assets is enough to replace your earned income.

The road to financial freedom starts with the basics – income, expenses, assets and liabilities – the Wealth Tracker helps you manage all four of these.

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TIP: To use all the features, be sure to save the Wealth Tracker to your local drive after downloading, and open it from there. Otherwise, Excel will block the macros.


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The Wealth Tracker

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