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Our Savings Calculator is versatile and can be used to work calculate all your savings goals. 

How much can I save?

This calculates how much you can save based on your starting balance, regular contributions and interest rate.

How long will it take to reach my savings goals?

This calculates the time taken to reach your savings target when taking into account your starting balance, regular deposits and interest rate.

How much do I need to save each period to reach my savings goals?

This calculates the regular savings amount required to achieve a set savings target within a designated timeframe.

What growth rate do I need to reach my savings goals?

This calculates the interest rate required to achieve your savings target within a set timeframe.

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Hedging your international exposures is a way to remove currency risk from your portfolio. Sometimes it may also be appropriate not to hedge.
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Additional regular debt repayments can be a powerful strategy to eliminate debts faster and save in interest costs.
Debt Management
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