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How to hustle your bank for a better mortgage interest rate

It’s sad, but there really is no customer loyalty in the banking system. Chances are, if you have had your mortgage with the same lender for a few years, you probably aren’t getting their best rate. Banks typically won’t offer you their most competitive rate, you have to fight for it. But, in order to

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Something Dave Ramsey said resonated with me…

I spend a lot of time reading finance literature, listening to podcasts, and watching YouTube videos and every now and then I come across a little nugget of gold. A piece of information, or a perspective, that stops and makes me think – wow, that makes a whole lot of sense! Good old Dave gave

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Should you hedge your international exposures?

To hedge or not to hedge? This is a question that every investor should ask themselves before they take on an international exposure in their portfolio. By investing overseas, you are exposing yourself to currency risk. This exposure to foreign currencies can represent both an opportunity and a threat to your portfolio. Get the currency

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2020 Federal Budget Summary

Last night the government handed down their Federal Budget and this is arguably one of the most in important budgets that has been released in decades. With the economy in a recession, government debt at an all time high and COVID-19 still running riot – this is a very important time for our economy. So

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The most important factor in property investing

When it comes to investing in physical property there are a huge number of factors you should take into consideration – everything from how a property is going to fit in with your personal financial situation from a tax and cash flow perspective to the macro-economic and political factors that may influence property prices. All

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Salary packing opportunities for not-for-profit employees

Not all salary packaging arrangements are equal. There is a big difference with the salary packaging offered to not-for-profit (NFP) employees as opposed to the salary packaging available to standard organisations and their employees. As an employee of a NFP, you generally have a wider array of salary packaging options and, here’s the real kicker,

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